mAdme Technologies Customer Engagement and CX Platform


Leading Campaign Orchestration and Management platform for Telco Customer Engagement

mAdme's Digital Customer Engagement and Customer Experience platform is used by mobile operators globally to effectively communicate with their subscribers and drive engagement across their respective key strategic initiatives. The platform can be deployed with one or more of the following modules:

Marketing module

· Enables marketing and customer value management use cases.

Customer Care module

· Enables use cases for driving subscribers to use digital self-care methods as well as communicating Care related messages to users.

Customer Experience module

· Gather voice-of-the-customer feedback and data through mAdme’s mobile-first designed Survey engine.

Insights module

· Use device data to generate user behaviour insights for hyper-targeted campaigns as well as identifying behavioural trends across the subscriber base.

mAdme's platform provides significantly higher engagement rates for mobile operators when compared to operators' business-as-usual channels such as SMS and email. This is done through its patented device Smart Triggers to determine the ideal moment to display a message to a user depending on what that user is doing on their phone at that moment. For example, campaigns can be presented to users at key moments such as at the end of a phone call to your Customer Care centre, when they connect to Wi-Fi, when they install or uninstall an app or if they run out of credit.

The platform also enables delivery of campaigns across a number of different channels including mAdme’s proprietary out-of-app rich media channel which provides operators with a new, rich and interactive channel capturing user attention and driving conversion rates. mAdme also delivers campaigns via in-app, push notification and SMS.

A number of key capabilities are also available to help achieve maximum performance while maintaining the optimum use experience:

· Campaign frequency controls

· Multiple media formats and positions

· Multiple click actions (deep links, click-to-install, click-to-call etc)

· Customisable Reporting & Analytics dashboards

· Cloud or in-house deployment models

· Robust suite of APIs for integration with operator systems such as CDPs and existing marketing stacks.

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