Virtual Meeting Pro


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Emotion aware AI-based assistant for virtual meetings

Virtual Meetings Pro is an emotion-AI-enabled Virtual Assistant that will transform the way your sales team engages in virtual meetings!

Ideal For?

Specifically designed for B2B SAAS sales teams targeting international markets

Reduced Admin Tasks, Enhanced Insights

Empowers sales teams by reducing administrative tasks and leveraging emotion and engagement cues to understand intent and behavior during virtual meetings.

Frictionless Adoption

Simple 1-click integration with Gmail and Outlook calendars plus compatibility with top VC platforms like Gmeet, Zoom, and MS Teams,

Technology & Data Privacy

Powered by 4 patents and over 13 million faces scanned globally!

Compliant with SOC2, GDPR, ISO 27001, 27017, and 27701.

Virtual Meetings Pro at discounted pricing of $19/license/month (60% off*)

*Minimum 2 licenses for 2 months

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