Connected Rental Equipment

Autor: Mesh Systems

Optimize rental fleet profitability with IoT location tracking and telematics

The Connected Rental Equipment Solution enables companies to obtain data from off-the-shelf sensors attached to remote assets in their equipment fleet, configure that data through customizable templates, and feed it quickly and securely through Azure IoT Central—surfacing it in a dashboard customized to provide the control and insight they need to decrease unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiencies.


  • The Connected Rental Equipment Solution connects a host of devices to capture data at the edge with minimal configuration. Off-the-shelf, always-on cellular sensors with CAN bus, Modbus, Bluetooth, and UART connectivity protocols enable companies to bring their own network to monitor equipment. Sensors are location- and position-aware and available with battery, line-powered, or hybrid power options to provide maximum flexibility for deployment even in the most dispersed, remote or rugged conditions, while still enabling global network access.

  • Native connectivity over cellular networks feeds equipment location and KPI data into Azure IoT Central. This cellular network-based solution can be quickly and easily deployed outside of a customer’s network for maximum security. Based on customer-defined parameters, this cellular-certified solution optimizes data at the device or gateway level before it is sent over the cellular network to help minimize traffic across the network and manage the configuration of data in the cloud.

  • The Connected Rental Equipment solution is one of the first native solutions to be powered by Microsoft Azure IoT Central—a fully managed global IoT SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution with built-in analytics that is highly configurable; no programming required. The winning combination of the enterprise-grade Connected Rental Equipment Solution technology and the security and reliability of Azure IoT Central make this a simple, logical solution for companies looking for greater visibility into the health of their assets. Because the solution leverages commodity hardware and per-device-pricing with IoT Central, there is minimal overhead for proofs of concept or pilots—giving companies the flexibility to start small or go big from the outset.

The Connected Rental Equipment solution is turnkey and quick to integrate. We can move from first conversation to pilot installation in as few as 30 days.

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