Smart City Tourism Solution

Autor: Meylah Corporation

Enabling Last Mile Connectivity with Smart City Tourism Solutions

With the 4th Industrial Revolution, the IDC estimates a $20 Trillion opportunity. With billions of people connected by mobile devices with unprecedented cloud computing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, the possibilities are unlimited. The aviation, travel and tourism industry has been at the forefront of digital disruption, changing the way people travel. But the revolution is not over. The industry needs to be ready for the technological transformation ahead. Every city has the potential to increase tourism revenue by optimizing the travel experience.

Developed in partnership with Meylah, HPE, and Microsoft, Smart City Tourism helps cities and towns to draw more tourists by leveraging cloud technologies to create an integrated, hospitable and cultural experience.

The Smart City Tourism solution allows towns and cities to attract and grow the region's tourism commerce, provide public safety, empower merchants to participate in the digital economy while expanding broadband/Wi-Fi access to the communities.

Our solutions provide the following benefits to any city:
* Connect Tourists with Merchants and increase Commerce on a Local Basis. Including the delivery of educational programs online, helping merchants to use digital payment solutions, leverage internet broadband and Wi-Fi access.
* Increase Tourist & Citizen Safety (Wifi Access, Find Resources such as toilets, bus stations, emergency services, Get the right support such as 911, where needed)
* Actionable Insights for Strategic Prioritization of City Assets / Infrastructure / Resources to invest in Tourism Growth by enabling happy tourists and more accessibility for citizens


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