Miros Cloud

Autor: Miros AS

Accurate and reliable real-time sea state data for safe and efficient offshore operations

Miros Cloud is a service offering which is available alongside all of our core sensors as a subscription. These include:
  • Wave & Current Radar (doppler radar measuring directional waves and currents)
  • Wavex® (X-band radar for measuring waves, currents and speed through water)
  • RangeFinder (non-directional wave monitoring and water level radar).

Having reliable access to accurate sea state data is crucial for efficient operations in the offshore and maritime business. Miros Cloud simplifies data collection and remote access to collected data.

By making dry measurements of sea state available through the cloud as a service, we give customers access to real-time metadata while having a choice of whether or not to invest in the necessary equipment for data collection and transfer.

With the Sea-State-as-a-Service solution Miros takes on the risk of owning, insuring, and maintaining the sensors, so you don’t have to. The data is delivered hassle-free in Miros Cloud, at a predictable monthly rate.

Miros Cloud introduces the following benefits:
  • Accurate real-time dashboards, accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Secure data streaming, storage and download capabilities
  • Option to integrate other types of data such as weather forecasts, tide charts, AIS, etc.
  • Low upfront costs due to the as-a-service pricing at a fixed monthly fee.

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