Monia temporary

Autor: SalesTech

Monia updates your CRM on your behalf and make sure you never ever forget opportunities !

You have better things to do than CRM reporting, don’t you think?
Focus on bigger goals and let Monia takes care of your CRM.

Monia is an AI who will help you keep your opportunities/deals up to date chatting with you through Microsoft Teams !

Monia checks your opportunities/deals that need to be updated :
=> Opportunities/deals without activities planed
=> Opportunities/deals with past due activities

Then she asks you through Microsoft Teams if you have any news so she can update those opportunities/deals on your behalf.

She is your CRM Assistant. Her job is to report your actions and notes in your CRM on your behalf.
She updates and cleans your opportunities/deals to increase the accuracy of your CRM datas.

Monia helps you plan and follow activities on your CRM to reduce your sales cycle and increase your win rate !

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