NETinfo Digital Banking Platform as a Service

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NETinfo Digital Banking Platform, Engagement Banking Platform

NETinfo Digital Banking Platform as a Service

Unfold the limitless potential and benefits of cloud banking

Hammer Down Costs

Liberate precious and considerable working and human capital, while also ridding yourselves of the cumbersome and laborious burdens involved with the in-house setup and maintenance of software infrastructure.

Enhance Security & Compliance

Utilise the ability to consistently and constantly monitor transactions and internal processes, while also instantly identifying and responding to any compliance breaches.

Stay Competitive, Stay Relevant

Modernise and safeguard your business from the fierce competition being brought about from the ever-growing number of financial institutions which are choosing to evolve with, or are born on, the cloud.

Fluid Scalability

Keep up with your ongoing customers’ demands by increasing your processing capabilities at will.

Retain & Increase Customer Base

Always exceed the constantly growing needs and expectations of your potential and existing tech savvy customers.

Unprecedented Speed To Market

Capitalise on the plethora of the latest features which are immediately accessible and customisable, while also benefiting from ongoing quick and effortless software and application updates.

The NETinfo Digital Banking Platform is a comprehensive omnichannel solution, empowering financial institutions to achieve digital transformation and develop a digital banking strategy across a multitude of channels. NETinfo has a consistent and customisable presentation layer offering a seamless customer experience across all the offered channels, removing friction from the customer journey. The NETinfo Digital Banking Platform maintains all business logic, rules and workflows, supporting a broad range of functionality and services, covering retail, corporate and high net worth individuals. All functionality and associated rules can be deployed to any channel, while unique value-added features enable financial institutions to effectively respond to the demands and expectations of their customers.

A true omnichannel banking experience

The NETinfo Digital Banking Platform enables customers to effortlessly blend their bank interactions across multiple channels and devices, delivering an exceptional and seamless user experience.

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