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The best way to secure, analyze and optimize connections for mobile and remote workers.

NetMotion provides a comprehensive security platform to over 3000 global enterprises, including 7/10 of the largest airlines and 85% of US public safety agencies. Customers choose NetMotion for its software-defined perimeter (SDP), digital experience monitoring (DEM) and VPN functionality. These solutions stand out for their ability to improve the employee experience, validated by a satisfaction rating of 97% and an NPS of 91. 

SDP | Software-defined perimeter

NetMotion SDP provides an intelligent way to protect users and resources while improving the remote working experience.

DEM | Digital Experience Monitoring

NetMotion presents rich insights on the experience of remote and mobile workers, showcasing multiple ways of improving it. 

VPN | Enterprise VPN

NetMotion's VPN was purpose-built with mobile workers in mind, using patented technologies to optimize traffic.

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