Nuuka Optimize

Autor: Nuuka

Set of applications optimizing the user experience, costs and lifetime of the building portfolio.

The complexity of buildings and the systems within buildings is exploding and reaching levels of self-driving cars. Optimizing buildings manually is increasingly difficult and time consuming.

The results of these actions depend highly on individual skills. Personnel changes in the expert organization often means that the new expert jumping into the building is unaware why all types of changes has been made and may change these settings to his liking. Thus, optimization is not consistent, and the styles vary. A lot of man hours is lost because methods vary, and they are not shared. This limits the optimization to a few people with specific knowledge of the property and its systems. The organization therefore needs to take control of the situation and make sure technical optimizations has continuation no matter which people are responsible for it. 

Secondly, due to lack of time, optimization efforts are not continuous leading to insufficient results. After optimization efforts are done, someone must regularly monitor whether the changes work, and adjust accordingly. 

Nuuka Optimize is an optimizing software for HVAC processes that can be connected to any building (new and old) in scale and thus it provides a huge reduction of CO2 emissions and cost reductions.  

Nuuka Optimize is a set of AI applications that makes smarter control decisions using predictions, thus avoiding excessive energy usage and adjusting consumption flexibly to building’s usage. 

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