Openet Data Fabric (ODF)

Autor: Openet Telecom Sales Ltd

Telecom network real-time data stream processing platform

Telecom operators today need a platform that can process records, as they are generated. This is necessary because the applications and use cases that depend on this ‘fresh data’ do not suffer latencies nor delays for the information they consume. The pace of business processes and operations now require applications not only to process information as it is created but also to predict and anticipate trends and events even before they occur.

To deal with this, Openet’s real-time data streaming platform is designed to ingest data from any source (new systems, old systems, external systems, organically grown internal systems) and to transform these events into a common format via a streaming messaging bus.

Real-time processing enables activities, such as joining of events, filtering of events, correlation and enrichment of events, as each event enters the system. Once part of the processing stream, data can be manipulated in multiple different ways as data is persisted. It can be replayed, updated, reprocessed and distributed in multiple different forms to various business systems.

A highly flexible architecture for telecom operators is enabled by the decoupling of the ingestion, processing and distribution functions and ensures that data management and processing can continually evolve and grow as the business needs dictate.

In addition to mediation and billing, examples of the operator / telco service provider business applications that depend on this real-time capture of events include: 
• Monetisation (Real-time offer management, next best action, real-time customer satisfaction response, contextual marketing).
• Audit and Control (Revenue and Fraud Assurance, QoE and QoS and customer experience management, customer care support).
• Insights (customer adoption trends, anomalies, profile analysis, sampling of service types, discovery, reporting).
• Service Assurance (operational monitoring, network and service SLA adherence, service degradation analysis).
• Network Optimisation (network and system resource management, tuning of services to optimise resource utilisation, cost efficiency and experience).

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