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OpusCapita Source-to-Pay eProcurement

OpusCapita Group Oy

Source to Pay: eProcurement for order workflow, product catalog, sourcing and supplier management

OpusCapita eProcurement is designed to fully support sourcing and supplier engagement, operational procurement, support cost control and efficiency initiatives.

Smarter procurement requires effective sourcing

OpusCapita automates the sourcing process, decrease associated costs, and provide buyers more opportunities to collaborate with suppliers throughout the early stages of sourcing through to contracting.

We provide key capabilities for transactional procurement including supplier registration, qualification and adoption plus pricing management using catalogs and ad hoc quotations. Connect with all your suppliers through the OpusCapita Business Network.

Buy easier with OpusCapita eProcurement

OpusCapita's cloud-based E-procurement solutions provide a one-stop-shop procurement solution for employees to requisition goods and services from the corporate catalog. Once the requisition approval workflow is complete, purchase orders are dispatched to suppliers. After the goods or services have been delivered, goods receipting supports the downstream invoice reconciliation processes.

Modern MRO procurement with OpusCapita

Procurement activities related to MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) are one of the most often overlooked processes within indirect procurement. We believe the primary reason for this is due in a large part to the high degree of data management, multiple stakeholders, disparate systems and processes.

In short

There are lots of moving parts to modern procurement and we understand them all. Talk to us and we can work together to build a roadmap that incorporates your backend systems, your suppliers, your internal stakeholders and your operational objectives.