P2ware Portfolio Management

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Full featured P2ware project portfolio management solution in cloud

The P2ware Portfolio Management 2018 software supports project, programme and portfolio management.

  • P2ware systems can be adapted to any method of project, programs and portfolios management implemented by clients, improving their productivity by:
    • covering and integrating all aspects of project, program and portfolio management, also integrated with other IT systems
    • automation of management processes (workflows)
    • implementing in practice the principle of "zero redundancy", i.e. the information is:
      • stored in the system only in one place
      • easily accessible, when and where it is needed
      • related to all objects it concerns (e.g. a risk associated with particular product, activity or resource)
    • minimizing information noise (user websites contain only the information they need to see or to enter into the system).
  • In particular, the system enables project management in the full scope of requirements of the PRINCE2 Method (also in the 2017 version) ensuring full integration of the daily log, risk, quality and issue registers and lessons learned entered with other objects, e.g. with products, activities, resources or cost items
  • The software allows to start using the system in a basic scope immediately after installing and configuring without the need to design and to adapt it.
  • Server and cloud versions of the software enable fully featured web-based user interface.
  • Cloud version of the software integrates with Azure Active Directory and runs on top of Azure Service Fabric.
  • The package includes optional software installed on workstations (desktop) allowing work "offline" after downloading the project plan from the server or cloud.
  • The desktop software has a version that allows you to open project plans in "read-only" mode, which does not allow to make changes to the project plans.
  • The software has been developed since 2004, i.e. since the founding of P2ware Ltd. Its predecessors are: Product Based Planner, P2ware Planner Suite 2008, P2ware Planner Suite 2011.

Software and systems for managing projects, programs and portfolios are used by enterprises and government and local administration.

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