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Complete Drone Management at your fingertips.

If you are looking for a unique, simplified and reliable Drone Management Software, you have reached the right space.

AeroGCS will give you best solution to your mission planning needs with its empowering ability to improve operational efficiency and productivity in Business.

AeroGCS Features to Help you Succeed:

· User Friendly: We want you to focus on your tasks so we are keeping it simple so you can get started easily.

· Ensured your Data safety: Your safety is our priority and we have ensured end-to-end security for an amazing experience.

· Team Access and Management: We want you to relax and monitor larger team’s operations by assigning specific plans to pilot and ensure no unauthorized operations are done.

· Business Analytics: We are eliminating your manual efforts by delivering daily insights of flights in a click.

· Device Location: Preparing is important, hence AeroGCS allows to Pre-plan flight by marking Geo Coordinates for spraying/survey from mobile device and get the actual location for the Flight.

· Obstacle Avoidance: Safe guard your drone from Obstacles. Safely mark obstacle appearing in the field and ensure a safe flight.

· Home Point and Next Point Location: Simply map distance of your next point and home location from current point.

· Mode change on fly view: Effortlessly change modes to put drone in necessary position while performing the mission.

· Multispectral Camera Configuration: Multispectral camera support readily available template to configure required camera.

· Continue Spraying: Continuous spraying allows to cover the entire area that needs spraying.

· Optimize Spraying: Optimize spraying allows to utilize and spray only on the area required.

· Supports Pay as you Grow: We want you to scale larger so we are eliminating heavy investments so you pay only for the consumed.

· Bulk Perpetual License: We want to Lower cost of the drone for OEM with bulk perpetual licensing.

· Co-Branding: We look forward to a long-term service assurance to your customers.

Use cases:

· Efficiently perform agriculture spraying with continuous as well as optimized spraying options.

· Perform Construction Site Survey and Inspection in different flight types.

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