Pegatron 5G Private Network Solution


Pegatron 5G O-RAN Private Network Solution with RU/DU/CU/OSS

Pegatron 5G Private Network Solution is a reliable, mobile private network system that combines AIOT innovative technology with 5G O-RAN architecture . The backhaul external network can be connected to leased lines which are provided by ISPs or orbital satellites for internet connection.

Pegatron’s User Plane Function (UPF) handles the User Plane traffic between the RAN (Radio Access Network) and the data network. This UPF can be either co-located with the Core Network or deployed at the edge aggregated point. Pegatron’s UPF is cloud based and leverages the SmartNIC card's capability to offload traffic consumption on the CPU and minimize hardware resources. The Pegatron UPF with scalable and configurable hardware can be deployed to various scenarios in a 5G private network.

[About Pegatron 5G]

Pegatron 5G is an infrastructure provider of end-to-end comprehensive solutions. Leveraging extensive product development experience and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, Pegatron 5G O-RAN team has been established in 2018. Drawing on our original design philosophy, Pegatron 5G is fully committed to developing products compliant with O-RAN specifications, including a family of 5G Radios, Servers, and networking products. Together with edge computing and network management solutions tailored for private networks, we provide product and service with partners. We are fueled by a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the multifaceted demands driving industry transformation. Our goal is not only to realize new communication methods but also to unlock endless possibilities within the industry.

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