preezie guided experience platform

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Bring the in-store guided shopping experience online and increase conversions and first party data

preezie is a retail experience platform that brings the in-store guided shopping experience online.

We currently work with over 120 global brands including Adore Beauty, Lorna Jane, Baby Bunting, Shaver Shop, Everlast, Guitar Center, DELL, Lego Australia and Culture Kings and are growing at a rapid rate.

Ultimately preezie supercharges your eCommerce customer experience and drives up conversions, increases first party data and email capture, reduces returns and service & much more.

Currently 900,000 shoppers use them every month and their brands have seen engagement rates over 85%, conversions sit well above 7% (often 3-4 times higher than their average) and email capture rates increase up to 600% higher than average.

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