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Create your own large scale Digital Twins in minutes

VELOCITY 5D (V5D) is a Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform that provides ultimate flexibility to rapidly generate high-fidelity geospatial 3D digital twins using a secure and scalable solution. It aims at streamlining and integrating massive amounts of geospatial data to produce large and realistic 3D virtual environments.

Using VELOCITY 5D you can:

  • Rapidly generate your digital twins

Our scalable cloud-based solution allows users to process and generate large-scale geospatial digital twins in a matter of hours

  • Increase the realism of your digital twins with high fidelity 3D content

Take advantage of our AI/ML algorithms for blending multiple sources including 2D (vector or imagery), point clouds or photogrammetry models, to increase realism and accuracy of 3D content

  • Generate large-scale geospatial digital twins

Create city or country-size databases optimized for real-time large-scale simulations

  • Leverage your investments

Reduced time to production – take advantage of automated workflows based on your needs

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