Nantum OS

Autor: Prescriptive Data, Inc.

Manage, Optimize, & Automate Real Estate Operations

Prescriptive Data is focused on providing cost savings and enhanced thermal comfort in built spaces through the intersection of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT).

With its flagship product Nantum OS, Prescriptive Data has responded to market demand for a next-generation building management platform that cultivates the full potential of the building operator by combining institutional knowledge with data-driven insights from IoT, big data, and the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nantum OS automates building systems to use the least amount of energy (and carbon emissions) while providing the maximum amount of occupant comfort. Every day starts with Nantum predicting occupant arrival time, performing optimal BMS startup time and sequencing, adjusting set points and fan speeds as occupants leave and enter zones, all while alerting building teams of real-time anomalies, like potential leaks or setting a new peak demand benchmark. 
Save energy, reduce carbon emissions, cut utility costs, every day.

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