Replenium Auto-Replenishment Platform

Autor: Replenium Inc

Drive Basket Size and Repeat with Tools to Fundamentally Improve and Automate Routine Shopping Tasks

Replenium delivers a turnkey auto-replenishment platform to drive product subscriptions, smart order/reorder recommendations and long term customer retention for both retailers and brands.

Replenium enables product discovery through a machine-learning recommendation engine and schedules replenishment based on recommended and historical product usage. The platform accepts demand signals from IoT devices and its shopping tools allow customers to easily manage preferences, set schedules, skip orders, update payment options and more. Replenium enables routine purchases to evolve into passive shopping, where products arrive in orders when needed, without being actively shopped for. Orders easily integrate into any fulfillment system and are designed to deliver a great customer experience while optimizing the economics of fulfillment.

KPI Highlights:

  • Grow overall GMV for retailers
  • Drive total volume of several key categories by as much as 35% to 75%
  • Build strong customer retention with automatic basket building and ordering across key center store categories
  • Improve search functionality with smart recommendation engine to deliver a more efficient and relevant targeting solution

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