SchoolWise Education Platform


SchoolWise Education Platform

SchoolWise is the Teaching and Learning Platform for Secondary Schools.

The one place where you can get all of your jobs done

Collaboration, Consistency and Reporting of Teaching and Learning

There are four pillars to the SchoolWise platform

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Classroom Delivery
  • Assessment and Academic Tracking
  • Reporting and Compliance

Standard Suite of Apps

SchoolWise integrates with the tools you already love from Office 365. Bring everything together in one place. The unified school where everyone uses a standard suite of apps to get all the jobs done in one seamless workflow. Increase your productivity, reduce your workload, save time, less stress and focus on what really matters!

  • Single-Sign-On so you can login to SchoolWise using your school email address.
  • Link your OneNote notebook sections or pages into your subject planning.
  • Create new OneNote class notebooks directly from SchoolWise or link to existing notebooks.
  • All of your OneDrive files are available in SchoolWise for planning, assessment or to share in the classroom with your students.

SchoolWise is the New and Better way to Manage Teaching and Learning

Departments can plan for their subjects, get organised for the next parent teacher meeting, track student performance, capture all the information for self-evaluation and you don't have to worry about the next inspection.

SchoolWise gets all of the jobs done in one platform!