Virtual Video Interview and Shortlisting For Recruitment

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Human Insights @ Work. Screen and shortlist candidates remotely, with AI

Welcome To Searchie!

**Corona Update**
Searchie has teamed up with doctors internationally to help employers understand the health of their teams. Before you bring your teams back to the office, run them through a quick remote diagnostic to confirm they are healthy. Keep your offices healthy and risk-free with Searchie.

Searchie is a virtual video interview platform which will cut down your time and cost to hire by 80%. Searchie screens and shortlists candidates automatically based on the employer's brief. 

  1. The employer creates their company profile on the Searchie platform and gives some valuable information about the company culture, behavioural traits and competencies and provide 3-5 job-related screening questions. 
  2. Sarah "our AI"​ takes over and conducts a video interview (asking a mixture of soft skills and experience-based questions). She then processes a detailed analysis of each candidate in a matter of minutes. 
  3. The employer will have access to everything in one place - their CVs, video interviews and detailed assessments, all before they meet them in person! 

We only charge per interview so there are no hidden costs or expensive retainers.

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