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Automate Your M365 Tenant Configurations with Infrastructure/Policy as Code

Simeon Cloud is the leading cloud configuration solution for implementing automation and compliance for Modern Digital Workplaces using Microsoft 365. With its friendly user interface, Simeon Cloud enables teams to easily manage Office 365, Intune, and Azure AD configurations as code, establish baseline configurations for multiple tenants, deploy non-production environments, monitor and document drift, and back up and recover configurations.

Microsoft 365 has become a best-in-class solution. However, management is limited to the Microsoft portals and scripting. Simeon Cloud delivers automation-based infrastructure management using configuration as code and provides control, consistency, transparency, and traceability to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Configuration as Code & CI/CD Engine

  • Best-in-breed Infrastructure/Configuration/Policy as Code, automation, and lifecycle management
  • A highly flexible platform allowing for requested extensions and customizations to be added

Lifecycle Management & Multi-Tenant Consistency

  • Stage and approve changes between dev and prod
  • Deploy dev tenants that match production configurations
  • Establish baseline configurations for multiple tenants
  • Continuously integrate changes from baselines to downstream tenants
  • Interactively remediate deviations between tenants and baselines
  • Copy and/or move configurations between tenants
  • Office 365 tenant setup & Office 365 tenant management

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Report compliant and deviating configurations
  • Get notified and document daily of changes to tenant configurations

Backup and Restore

  • Tenant configurations backed up and saved daily
  • Restore environments to a known good state when mistakes occur

Application Packaging

  • Intune automation: Application packages can be reused, edited, and deployed between tenants or to multiple tenants in bulk

Additional Resources

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