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AI-powered predictive analytics for sales and marketing decisions, and supply-planning optimisation

The Singular Intelligence AI-powered platform (delivered as a SaaS) is a dynamic predictive analytics solution: it enables optimised sales, marketing, and supply decision-making. Our solution, fully AI-powered, seamlessly integrates in real-time all market factors, that are transformed into accurate, automated recommendations, that delivers continuously maximised RoI, Sales and Market Share, Revenue and Profit, Brand Equity; and improve sustainability. Our customers are FMCG companies (manufacturers and retailers) that want to optimise:
- Commercial decision-making (including marketing and sales decisions like pricing, promotions, marketing and media mix, marketing and media campaign investment.
- Forecasting and supply-planning decisions, that can be significantly more efficient.
- Their retail automation operations (that requires automated, real-time, predictions and recommendations on replenishment and supply-planning, pricing).

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