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Tech Scan - Keep up to date on the latest technology

Use Tech Scan app to continuously scan for technology changes that occur outside (or inside) the business. Technology is changing at such a rate that it provides a competitive advantage for those that can exploit it for: business model innovation, process innovation, product innovation or market innovation. Review of all new technologies should be built into the routine (quarterly / monthly) review process. The app encourages teams to register and log interesting ideas or projects happening across the market that may be of benefit to the team/company.

Tech Scan is one of 90 off the shelf apps available on the Softools platform.

Adding other Apps to the Softools platform is a simple process, allowing a single login to be able to access any number of Apps in a secure scalable environment.

Often these internally built/provisioned systems are managed in Excel, and so :

  1. Are not aligned to business goals or IT roadmap
  2. Reflect disjointed & inefficient processes
  3. Cannot integrate with other systems
  4. Are not mobile enabled so are device dependent
  5. Offer no real-time collaboration
  6. Can not scale across internal & external teams
  7. Have issues of data security & GDPR/compliance

Softools Smart Apps platform allows mutiple Apps to be delivered throught he same platform, and also offers the ability to build your own apps, with Zero Code, in hours/days

For more details on the 90 off the shelf apps available on the same platform, please see Softools Apps Page

The benefits of a single platform.

  1. Great User eXperience
  2. Mobile optimised
  3. Secure (Data)
  4. Scalable
  5. Stable (99.99% uptime)
  6. API Integrated
  7. One click deployment
  8. Global footprint

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