Strengthscope strengths assessment and development

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Strengthscope® allows you and your team to discover and develop your strengths

What is Strengthscope®

Strengthscope® enables you and your team to discover, understand and develop your strengths helping you to bring your best to work and life, every single day.
We define strengths as underlying qualities that energize us, and we are great at (or have the potential to be great at).
With British psychological society registered test status for accuracy and validity, the only strengths assessment with this status, we know the results you get will make a real difference.

How does it work and what do I need to do?

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can download your report which is loaded full of everything you need to understand how you can use your strengths to get more energy from your work and life.
Your report will highlight your Significant 7 strengths, those that are the most energizing for you. This is expressed in your strengths wheel, or your energy wheel if you prefer. (You can see a strengths wheel in the supporting documents)
You will also see your Bubbling under strengths, and your performance risks of overdrive, overused or incorrectly used strengths and Energy Drainers.
You will get tips on how to stretch your strengths further, how to gain more energy and improve performance. You also get tips to watch out for when strengths go into overdrive, the biggest risk you face, so awareness of this helps you to minimise this risk.

Positive psychology and the strengths-based approach

The strengths-based approach is built on the concept of challenging our inbuilt negativity bias, you can find the link to a short video on this topic in the videos section. Traditionally we focus on identifying the weaknesses of ourselves and our teams, then spend lots of time trying to 'fix' or develop these areas. What do you end up with? a whole bunch of developed weakness!!
Why not flip that on its head and instead focus your attention on your strengths, helping you and your team to do more of what you love, what energises you and what you are likely to be great at. This will lead to improved productivity, improved staff satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, improved profitability.
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We also have our Strengthscope360™ report, a 360 strengths test that can help you unearth your true potential. Our comprehensive and deep feedback tool will show you your top talents, as well as the unrealised strengths that you have yet to unlock.
This strengths test will also show you how others see you so that you can leverage the feedback of your people to improve performance and become a more engaged part of your organisation.
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Authentic leaders achieve greater impact than those trying to fit a stereotype of a leader. Reveal leadership authenticity, drive performance by maximising strengths, and refining leader habits. The StrengthscopeLeader™ report helps leaders use their strengths to bring out their best leadership behaviours.
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StrengthscopeTeam™ is essential for professionals who want to help build more diverse, empowered, resilient and agile teams. The report assesses and describes the team’s current behaviour and where this can be enhanced to help build a strong and sustainable team culture. Our tools focus on team’s strengths, performance risks and potential gaps, and the productive behaviours needed to help build a strong and sustainable team culture.

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