E-Visor Teams App

Autor: Synergy Advisors LLC

Microsoft 365 usage, profile, configuration, and more for the end user

E-Visor Teams App is a reporting and analytics app that helps end users boost their security and productivity, directly from within Microsoft Teams. E-Visor Teams App collects data across different Microsoft portals to present it back to end users in a single location, where they can monitor their identity and device activity, while performing tasks ranging from updating their password to viewing their Office 365 licensing to scheduling Teams meetings with their team:

  • Facilitate and limit help desk and support calls by providing SSPR, Self-Service Password Reset
  • Verify if the user has enabled their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and configured it according to best practices
  • Surface security alerts from Microsoft Defender, across identity, endpoint, and cloud applications, and enable users to proactively respond to incidents
  • Help users create and manage Identity & Access management requests, including ability to see current status and approve requests
  • Empower end users to take control of the security of their identity
  • Review Office 365 usage and gain insights through in-depth analysis
  • Easily surface, and proactively respond to, Office 365 account issues, such as inappropriately shared files or storage limits
  • Quickly discover recently accessed files across Office 365 applications
  • Easily identify and collaborate with colleagues across many different communication channels
  • Easily review and edit profile information
  • Teams native app provides a seamless experience for end users
  • Review M365 subscription and licensing information

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