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Synerise AI Growth Cloud


Synerise puts the power of data within reach of every business.

Our proprietary algorithms based on customer data and artificial intelligence help brands better respond to customer needs. The tools it offers include automation applications, business intelligence and personalization of communication, as well as the management of pricing policy in real time, regardless of the scale of operations.
By collecting and storing all customer data in one place and connecting communication channels, it’s possible to create a seamless customer experience, both online and offline, across platforms and devices.
Many of the biggest brands in the world use Synerise to drive digital transformations through:
1. the highest degree of personalized customer communication possible
2. data gathered from all customer touchpoints and updated in real time
3. dynamic segmentation and customized conversion paths

Synerise features include:
1. professional tools for managing and monitoring advertising campaigns
2. true Omnichannel communication capabilities
3. proximity-based marketing tools based on geolocation
4. loyalty program managemen
5. automated A/B testing and optimization for the best possible results
6. advanced product recommendation engine
7. customized sales funnel generation
8. lead scoring mechanism updated in real time
9. a comprehensive package of other modules to support every aspect of sales and marketing
10. website visitor tracking
11. personalization & behavioral targeting
12. lead generation & customer acquisition tools
13. online sales optimizer & CRM
14. Advanced analytics and user segmentation

With this tool, you can:
1. deepen customer engagement
2. create a unified customer profile updated after every action
3. use predictive models to estimate future progress on conversion path
4. automate SMS, email, web push, mobile push, RTB and dynamic content
5. reduce losses due to abandoned carts through remarketing
6. collect data from mobile applications
7. analyze information collected through call centers
8. process transactional data for a more detailed customer view
9. deliver highly personalized content at scale while gaining valuable insights about customer journeys