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Talview Chatbot


Chatbot helps you to have a conversation with your candidates in natural language using AI

Talent assistant chatbot helps you to have a conversation with your candidates in natural language using Artificial Intelligence. It's features are: - Auto-Responses to Basic Queries: Organizations that hire more than 500 candidate years are often inundated with incoming queries and applications in their candidate engagement channels. With Talview Talent assistant chatbot you can set auto-responses to basic queries. This adds value to your brand image in the candidate’s eye. - Ticketing System for Detailed Queries: The system provides a ticket management system for elaborate queries allowing you to centrally keep track of all the queries coming in from various channels. Talview Talent assistant chatbot is a bot that understands the queries coming in and improves the responses based on previous dialogue. - Supports Most Channels: The bot can be used across channels, including social media outlets to answer candidate queries and create tickets. The widget can be embedded on web pages like career portals and career page on your website. - Mobile Application: On mobile, we have a standalone app that can be integrated with any existing applicant tracking systems. If you already have a candidate facing app in use, you can include a .SDK which will bring these functionalities live within the same app.