Carenation Telemedicine Express


Telemedicine simplified for you - Connect securely with your patients in an easy and complaint way

The Carenation Telemedicine Express solution will provide :
  • Easy means for patients to have secure tele-consultations with your doctors using their smartphones(Android/iPhone) or computers( Windows / Mac.)
  • Self-service Appointment booking through booking page.
  • Optional appointment booking using calls to the care-coordinator
  • Validation with OTP
  • Optional Payment Gateway
  • Appointment notifications and reminders
  • MoHFW/HIPAA/GDPR guidelines compliant telemedicine
  • Secure storage of telemedicine data exchange.
  • Comprehensive Doctor schedule management
  • Prescription module.
  • File sharing
  • ID capture for verification.
  • Doctor appointment management.
  • Virtual waiting rooms.

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