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Knowledge assessment platform for hiring and training

Elevate your hiring and training. Build on reliable results and watch your business grow.

Testportal is a proven online test maker serving 2.5M+ users from 190+ countries monthly. It makes creating and running quizzes, tests and exams effortless and insightful.

No group is too big or too small. Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure guarantees smooth online testing regardless of the number of respondents. With a dedicated Microsoft Teams app, our easy test maker excels in performance and user-friendliness while providing outstanding security thanks to Microsoft Azure AD enterprise-grade identity verification.

Why choose digital knowledge assessments?

  • Advanced question editor with easy categorization
  • Creating questions from scratch, import existing assessments or using AI question generator
  • Question drawing algorithms
  • Automated test grading
  • Reports and statistics full of insightful data
  • Affordable smart proctoring with live test-takers supervision
  • Restrictive time limits
  • Custom certificates
  • High-end data security, including GDPR compliance

Candidate and employee assessment platform for modern business

Automated test grading, detailed reports and actionable statistics

Gain comprehensive information about your respondents during and after the test. Access all data in the form of various test statistics, available on our assessment software.

Test supervision and smart proctoring

Honest Respondent Technology tells you who left the test page and how many times. Automatically terminate assessments when respondents trigger too many warnings.

Question drawing algorithms

Create question categories and use drawing algorithms to ensure unique test sets for each respondent. Our online quiz maker gives you detailed, multidimensional scores by drawing questions from various categories.

Test access and time limits

Restrict test access to a specific day and hour and force simultaneous start, or use open access with only a termination date for your assessments.

Restrictive test sharing

Make sure only authorized respondents can access your tests with unique codes. Block multiple test attempts or allow as many retakes as they need.

Live camera feed monitoring

Eliminate cheating and ensure result reliability by forcing your respondents to switch their device cameras for supervision during the test.

So much more than a built-in Microsoft Forms

Testportal's dedicated quiz maker for Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one solution that outclasses the built-in Microsoft Forms. Our platform gives you incredible test security, configurable time limits, live test overview, and detailed analysis and statistics after the assessment. Honest Respondent Technology is a light proctoring feature that detects cheating attempts.

Set-and-forget solution

Testportal lets you hit the ground running. Our platform is so user-friendly you'll start creating online tests shortly after signing up for your account. Testportal integrates with Microsoft 365, and you can use it effortlessly in the cloud or on your servers.

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