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Examination platform integrated with Microsoft Teams

The future of online tests and exams is here. Enjoy reliability and incredible insights, no matter the circumstances.

Testportal is a leading assessment platform for proctored exams, tests and quizzes. It is user-friendly and easily handles even the most numerous groups with scalable Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Test maker app for Microsoft Teams provides outstanding examination experience and enterprise-grade security with Microsoft Azure AD identity verification.
  • Benefits of online testing for higher education
  • Data security, including GDPR compliance
  • Restrictive time limits per test and question
  • Non-intrusive proctoring with live monitoring
  • Advanced AI-powered question generator and easy categorization
  • Multiple questioning methods
  • High result reliability with question drawing algorithms
  • Automated test grading
  • Detailed results, reports and statistics
  • Certificates

Result reliability with test supervision

Test organizers can see cheating attempts data in real-time. With our assessment tool, tests can be blocked automatically if the security mechanism flags too many violations.

Student camera live feed

Access to respondents’ device cameras enables effective proctoring during high-stakes tests and exams.

Monitoring during tests

Examiners enjoy live access to information about their respondents, test progress, results and statistics.

Immediate or rescheduled test start

You can activate your tests immediately after it is ready or postpone activation to a future date and force a simultaneous start.

Secure test sharing

Make your tests open to all or introduce strict security with individual access codes. You can also allow your respondents to retake their failed tests or block multiple test attempts to guarantee test reliability and security.

Disable skipping questions and going back

Test organizers can block skipping questions and going back to previous ones to ensure that respondents only have one go at each question.

Testportal vs built-in Microsoft Forms

Testportal exam software for Microsoft Teams offers much more than the built-in Microsoft Forms app. It ensures assessment security, lets you configure time limits and access detailed analysis and statistics about each test. Honest Respondent Technology flags each possible cheating attempt. You can also view the live feed from the students' cameras for even more significant oversights.

Easy setup

Your students don’t need Testportal accounts to access their tests and exams. Starting with the platform is simple and straightforward. Microsoft 365 integration allows you to create first tests immediately and share the responsibilities with your coworkers. Testportal can be available in the cloud or on your servers.

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