Hydra Holistic Conservation

Autor: The Awareness Company

HYDRA Holistic Conservation helps you transform data into value across conservation & tourism

HYDRA Holistic Conservation is a solution that has been built for the entire conservation community - park managers, security teams, tourism departments, ecologists and scientists, anti poaching units, rangers on the ground, communities in and around parks and reserves, national level organisations, intelligence and investigation operators, law enforcement, court and judicial personnel, wildlife crime, illegal trade, international collaborators and NGO’s and NPO’s supporting the community.

We help you to transform data into value across security, ecology, intelligence, communities, tourism, facility management, finance and compliance and capability management.

Anything that requires information awareness and needs data, decisions and action, we can do.

HYDRA allows you to efficiently and effectively leverage data to gain a competitive edge against threats, to gain information awareness and to allow conservation to grow and thrive. This leads to informed planning, strategic level decision making and sustainment.

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