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Create, edit and use ThinkBase Knowledge Graphs for transparent, ethical decision-making and advice

This app brings the power of ThinkBase here so you can create dynamic Knowledge graphs to encapsulate corporate knowledge and use bots to exploit them.

ThinkBase Knowledge graphs are the modern, and much more efficient, answer to Expert Systems. You can encode all kinds of business knowledge, and then use the chat interface to interrogate the knowledge graph with your employees' or customers' new data.

Unlike other bot frameworks, with ThinkBase, you describe the problem you are trying to solve graphically and using our Fuzzy-logic rule language.

ThinkBase then works out dependencies and the most important information to elicit first. It automatically creates a chat process for you, asking the user questions until the goal of the knowledge graph is satisfied.

Questions made irrelevant by previous answers are not asked.

In this initial free version you can build and save knowledge graphs, while also using our built-in demo graphs.

In the future SaaS version you will be able, for a low price, to allow team members to interact with the knowledge graphs you or third parties have created. For a higher price you will be able to create Knowledge Graphs for your team members to use, and potentially market them to other teams.

Other features that will soon be added, that are already available for other platforms, will be machine learning of Knowledge Graphs directly from data, and reasoning in and with time.

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