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True-to-life 3D reality twins for remote inspection, planning and reporting

Trendspek significantly reduces the cost and time taken to manage high value assets, while simultaneously reducing your exposure to safety and corporate risk. 
We do this by giving you true to life 3D digital models, so you can complete inspections, plan, collaborate and produce reports. 
With an exact digital twin of your asset, you can work with every detail remotely, safely and economically. 

To help asset stakeholders deal with their 'folders full of problems'
We've worked with asset managers, owners and engineers, all responsible for making expensive and risky decisions, without adequate information. They had folders filled with images and reports of their assets, along with handwritten notes, spreadsheets and drawings. There were information gaps, and it was difficult to make sense of the data or share in any meaningful way. To find out more, they could organise a physical inspection entailing time delays, human risk and expensive equipment, or use technology such as drones to do spot inspections, with no easy way to work with the data. The whole process was messy, time-consuming, risky and stressful. 

Know the exact condition of your built assets through 3D models with true-to-life resolution, all at your fingertips
What they needed was the right information at the right time, to make critical decisions with confidence. Trendspek delivers an exact 3D digital model of each asset, allowing you to see the full structure in lifelike detail from anywhere, at any time. You can remotely access entire portfolio's to complete assessments and collaborate with others, reducing safety risks, inspection and travel costs. Comprehensive, accurate data ensures you won't miss a thing, reducing your exposure to corporate liability and reputation risks. The result is a level of asset visibility and management previously unattainable.  

Inspection, Maintenance & Planning 
Remote working 
Reduce site visits 
Increase efficiency of inspections 
Reduce safety risks 

Data-driven insights
Superior data fidelity
Increased transparency
Better maintenance planning 
Better financial planning 
Reduce corporate risk 
Meet sustainability targets

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