Managed Extension Reporting Service (MERS)

Autor: TSA Software

MERS is a Business Telephone System Activity Reporting and Alerting service

The TSA Managed Extension Reporting Service (MERS) provides the customer with a proactive and easy to interpret series of reports, trends and alerts based on Call Detail Records generated by their On Premise or Cloud Based Telephone System.

Instead of needing to log in to an application, MERS proactively provides daily and monthly updates on key staff and telephone system activity allowing the customer to gain a succinct summary of key activities such as Incoming Calls Not Answered, Outbound International Call traffic, Calls Out of Hours, Calls Made to and from Competitors, Busiest Hours for Calls by Time of Day, and an understanding of where Calls are coming from and going to. For those clients wanting more detail, a Portal in available to allow in depth analysis and reporting.

MERS is simple and easy to activate and allows the stakeholder to quickly consume and action any items and then move on with their day. Daily Alerts and Monthly reports can be proactively delivered to multiple stakeholders to maximise visibility of staff and customer behaviours when interacting with the Telephony Solution. Full online training videos and FAQ’s are accessible as the service is activated.

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