Eolementhe CC, collaborative subtitling platform


Eolementhe CC is a web-based solution for automated subtitling with human revision in 120 languages.

This application is available in French, English and Spanish.

Marketing, communication, HR, journalists, content creators: subtitle your videos in 120 language with Eolementhe CC !

Eolementhe CC is a collaborative subtitling solution, that mixes automated tools and human revision, for a quick and professional result.


  1. Upload your video (webinar, e-learning course, product presentation...)
  2. Automatic transcription & translation by Artificial Intelligence: select the language of the video: Eolementhe CC automatically converts speech into text. This text can also be translated in 120 languages
  3. Collaborative review and validation: users can intervene to review and validate the content (text, audio synchronization), on an intuitive and simple interface. 
  4. Burn subtitles: subtitles are automatically embedded in the video, according to the selected graphics design.
  5. Share the video: the subtitled video can directly be shared on a Twitter, YouTube or Dropbox account. It can also be downloaded from a link. 


  • simple: easy to use
  • quick: 5x faster than manual process
  • qualitative: a professional result thanks to the mix of automated tools and human revision 
  • cost effective: 5x less expensive than human services - from 42 € excl. VAT/ month (monthly subscription)


  • Increase the reach of your videos thanks to multilingual subtitling

  • Boost your video SEO: improve the organic rank of your videos, thanks to keywords and expressions of your subtitles 
  • Share your video in one click: save time by sharing your subtitled videos on social networks, Dropbox or via a link, directly from Eolementhe CC

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