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EoleCC, the best AI powered platform for professional subtitling

Medias, marketing, communication, HR, journalists, content creators: subtitle your videos with EoleCC!

EoleCC is a collaborative subtitling solution, that mixes AI tools and human revision, for a quick and professional result.


  1. Upload your video or your audio (podcast for example)
  2. Automatic transcription by Artificial Intelligence: select the language of the video, EoleCC automatically converts speech into text.
  3. Automatic translation by Artificial Intelligence: 120 languages available
  4. Collaborative review and validation: users review and validate the content (text, audio synchronization), on an intuitive and simple interface.
  5. Burn subtitles: subtitles are automatically embedded in the video, according to the selected graphics design.
  6. Share the video: the subtitled video and the .srt file can directly be shared on a Twitter, YouTube or Dropbox account. It can also be downloaded.


  • simple: easy to use
  • quick: 5x faster than manual process
  • qualitative: a professional result thanks to the mix of automated tools and human revision
  • cost effective: 5x less expensive than human services - from 19€ excl. VAT (EoleCC Lite)


  • Increase the reach of your videos thanks to multilingual subtitling

  • Boost your video SEO: improve the organic rank of your videos, thanks to keywords and expressions of your subtitles
  • Share your video in one click: save time by sharing your subtitled videos on social networks, Dropbox or via a link, directly from EoleCC


  • EoleCC Lite: this is the version you need if you work alone on your subtitles! EoleCC Lite offers a choice of 5 languages (French-English-Italian-Spanish-German) and is available as a 30 minutes pack. at 19€ excl. VAT / month (no commitment)
  • EoleCC: Are you working with several people on your subtitles? Do you need a wide choice of languages and more comprehensive features? Choose EoleCC, with a monthly or yearly subscription, or a credit of minutes. Contact us!

Don’t have the time or resources to review the subtitles yourself? No stress, use our network of professional translators and get your video back with perfect subtitles.

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