Veezi (cinema management & ticketing software)

Autor: Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd

The cinema software for independent cinemas, engineered by Vista.

Veezi is a cloud-based, online cinema management solution that delivers the benefits you need while leaving out the stuff you don’t. Now you can manage your cinema from anywhere, 24/7 – even the other side of the world. Whether you're a small chain, single site, art house, drive-in, film festival or not-for-profit, with Veezi you have everything you need to run your cinema your way!

We know one size doesn’t fit all—choose from the 10+ easy-to-use features depending on your needs. Veezi keeps it easy: pricing is modular and based on usage, and payment is done by credit card, with no setup fees, no contracts and you can cancel any time.

Too good to be true? You've got one-month free trial to see for yourself!

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