IoT-TICKET®, Build Production-Grade IoT Apps Fast

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The most complete, modern and easy to use tool suite to create Internet of Things applications.

IoT-TICKET®, The Internet of Things Productivity Studio

Microsoft's Global Application Innovation Partner of the Year Award Winner!

IoT-TICKET is the most complete, modern and easy to use tool suite to create massive scale Internet of Things applications. Anybody can do it. Build and manage applications, dashboards, apps, cloud logic and reports while leveraging big-data and analytics. Democratizing Digital.

IoT-Ticket in brief
  • Remote monitoring and control of assets
  • Modern, easy to use, web-based UI
  • Powerful report creation and analytics
  • Big-data enabled and inbuilt security
Usage examples
  • Smart products and services
  • Performance based services
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Supervisory monitoring and control
  • Operational efficiency and KPI tracking
  • Condition monitoring
  • Overview

    The IoT-Ticket Dashboard is a modern, web-based and user-friendly interface for end-users. An user can interact securely with remote devices, check their status, view reports or get status updates on the current operational performance. Furthermore, powerful content creation tools are available.

    The Dashboard can be utilized in various scenarios – e.g. vehicle tracking, real time plant or machinery monitoring and control. As many Dashboard Pages are available the user can switch between different contexts and drill into information starting from enterprise level to sites, assets and data nodes.

    Interface Designer

    The powerful and web-based Interface Designer integrates seamlessly into the Dashboard and offers a user the possibility to create or modify content. The user can draw new elements or add images, gauges, charts, tables, Sankey diagrams, buttons and many other elements onto the Dashboard. Those elements can then be easily connected to data by dragging and dropping Data Tags onto them.

    Dataflow Editor

    The easy to use Dataflow Editor is an IEC 61131-3 inspired, web-based, graphical block programming editor that seamlessly integrates to the Interface Designer. A user can design the dataflow by connecting function blocks to implement complex logic operations which then can be used to execute control actions or routed to user interface elements for monitoring purposes.

    Report Editor

    Create reports the way same you would do with your favorite word processing application. The only differences are that IoT-Ticket Reports can be created from within your web browser and that content can be both flexible (utilizing your collected data) and fixed (e.g. stating terms and conditions).

    • Installed base reports
    • Condition reports
    • Fault reports
    • Performance reports
    • Maintenance reports, and more..  

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