9A Advanced Manufacturing

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For real-time insights in project progress, project supply chain and project financials

Managingcustomer orders on a project basis is one of the biggest challenges in the project-based manufacturing industry. The continuous synchronisation between project planning and material planning is a major challenge to reduce the time to market for customer-driven product designs and variations. Because of the dynamic nature of project business, it is important to have real-time access to the huge amount of data required (delivery dates, purchase orders, bills of materials, production orders, etc.).

Having real-time insights in project progress, project supply chain and project financials has a positive effect on delivery reliability and project margins.

9A Advanced Manufacturing:

  • Improves delivery reliability and project margin by giving real-time insights in project progress, supply chain and financials.

  • Enables companies to build a resilient project supply chain to quickly resolve supply and demand imbalances. Costs are optimized by improving inventory turns.

  • Improves the agility to meet changing customer requirements in product designs.

  • Facilitates efficient collaboration between the engineering & operations departments and disciplines, providing you with a single system of reference for product and operational information.

9A Advanced Manufacturing consists of different Apps - Building Blocks:

  • Advanced Projects (see details below)

  • Field Service - integration with Dynamics 365 Field Service

  • PLM Link - out of the box connector with PTC Windchill

Advanced Projects

  • Project Dimension: ability to propagate and follow a project number in all direct and indirect transactions

  • Project Logistics: ability to see all transactions like on hand reservations, purchases, production orders related to a project

  • Project Cost Sheet: ability to see all direct and indirect costs related to a project, with committed and consumed cost.

  • Interaction between BOM Levels and Project WBS activities


This product is developed by 9altitudes. A European consulting group that consolidates local organizations in Belgium (Ad Ultima Group, Admiral Dynamics), The Netherlands (Pylades, Cayentis), France (Ad Ultima France), Denmark (Optimate, Bredana Solutions) and Slovenia (Innito).

The group has in-depth knowledge of ERP, IoT, PLM CRM, DMS and Business Analytics. The philosophy of the combined group is to be a long-term partner strengthenedby the world class proven platforms of Microsoft and PTC.