Product Configurator for Dynamics 365

inden ESYON

Let your customers purchase individual items in the e-commerce platform of your choice

The Product Configurator is fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Finance, enabling you to create customizable products within no time. Customers use your online shop to tailor products to their needs. Hints and dependencies set up in Dynamics 365 Finance make sure that only approved combinations of components are available for check out.

Mitigating any middleware, there is no loss of performance between the online shop and ERP. All relevant data is synchronized in real-time for the best buying experience.

Selling a bespoke product has never been easier!

Our solution makes complex products easily consumable, providing full control during the setup. No matter how complex your products are – be it a car, a bike, a laptop, a server or a boat – rules and restrictions in Dynamics 365 Finance make sure only valid combinations can be purchased. New items do not have to be built by scratch, you can use existing components, attributes or copy whole product models to create a new variation.

Good reasons for the Product Configurator:
  • Product Configurator for Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Guided order: Customers can order complex products with just a few clicks
  • Rules and exceptions possible (red car only with summer tyres)
  • No middleware, no loss of performance, products are only maintained in Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Individual quotes can be created directly from Dynamics 365 Finance and sent within seconds
  • “Reconfigure” button in the shopping cart, generating a higher conversion rate

Your advantages of the Product Configurator for Dynamics 365 Finance

Our solution moves the challenge a complex configurator provides from your e-commerce-platform into Dynamics 365 Finance by using a modified version of the integrated solver. You can set up and configure complex products within Dynamics 365 Finance. The information is synchronized with your online shop, allowing customers to explore all variations possible without being overwhelmed by all options and possibilities.

Product Configurator gives you the following advantages:
  • Developed around your customer: Easy consumption of complex products
  • Convenience features include: Guided configuration to navigate invalid configurations
  • real-time information on prices on the online shop
  • Direct link to production and logistics for faster shipping
  • No middleware, no bugs, no performance loss
  • Works with every e-commerce platform (Magento, OXID eShop, Shopware...)
System requirements:
Product Configurator is not a stand-alone solution.
It is a powerful add-on solution explicitly made to use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

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