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InteractionSync from TTEC Digital integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Genesys Cloud

InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud from TTEC Digital integrates Genesys Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, linking all communications with the power of Dynamics 365.

Delight your customers with pertinent, contextual information.

-Enhance your contact center agents’ experience with a unified view of Dynamics 365 and Genesys Cloud omnichannel interactions.

-Improve efficiency by reducing interaction handling time.

-Automate customer information delivery to an agent through intelligent screen pops with information that already exists on the interaction.

The 360-degree view of interactions gives your agents the opportunity to focus on providing the best customer experience.

-Contact center agent desktop application designed as a cloud-based software product with an efficient user interface.

-Fuels exceptional customer experiences with better data and automatic Dynamics 365 Activity creation.

-Enable quality and speed while keeping the focus to be on the customer.

Enable your business teams to increase their operation performance.

-Minimal effort to implement.

-Easy to support with an Agent Guide, Admin Guide, and support from TTEC Digital included.

-Productized solution with software that stays up to date.

Special Notes:

  • -Selecting "Free Trial" will deploy the InteractionSync solution to the selected Dynamics org typically within one hour.
  • -"Free Trial" requires an active Genesys Cloud account with InteractionSync licenses activated. Contact for more details.