DoVE Donor/Donations Management for Nonprofits

inden Customer Capital Consulting Pte Ltd

Track relationship with Donor and manage donation activities.

DoVE Donation is a full suite solution built specially for the Singapore Social Service Organisations (SSOs). Powered by PowerApps, the system is fast, familiar, and flexible, helping SSOs of all sizes to find and grow sustainable relationships with their donors, manage their donations etc, all localised to the Singapore context.

DoVE Donation is designed to assist Social Service Organisation to manage donor and donations. It provides the following functionalities that will help SSO reduce their manpower and improve donor engagements:

  • 360-degree view of Donors
  • Manage donation transactions
  • Submission of Tax Deductible transactions to Tax Authorities
  • Online Donation Integration
  • Generation of receipt (hardcopy and softcopy)