Partner Center Referrals Connector for Dynamics365

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Automated bi-directional solution for synchronizing referrals between Partner Center and your CRM

Microsoft Partner Center Referrals Power Automate solution is designed to help you synchronize Co-sell referrals between Partner Center and your lead management or sales CRM system. It enables you to work on the CRM of your choice without the need to visit Partner Center to manage your referrals.

The solution currently supports bi-directional synchronization of all independent (direct) and co-sell (shared) referrals between Partner Center and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using the Microsoft Power Automate platform and the Partner Center APIs. 

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Get started by deploying the solution
  2. Configure to activate workflows in Power Automate     
  3. Customize to align field mapping to your customization
  4. Render synchronization with one-click from your CRM instance 

Note: The solution is in preview state and available for guided deployment only. The solution should be widely available in August 2021.