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Revolutionize HR Management with HR Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365

World Premiere! HR Copilot - Elevating HR Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We are thrilled to announce the world premiere of HR Copilot, a groundbreaking digital assistant designed exclusively for HR Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a comprehensive range of capabilities across all 16 HR Modules, HR Copilot empowers you to redefine your HR processes like never before. Selecting the right AI solution is crucial, and with HR Copilot, the answer is clear. Our assistant eliminates administrative burdens from employees' daily tasks, allowing them to focus on fostering meaningful interactions. By taking over time-consuming and repetitive work, HR Copilot streamlines operations and delivers contextual insights, ensuring optimal efficiency while safeguarding sensitive information.

Empowering Your HR Operations

HR Copilot integrates seamlessly into HR Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365, bringing an array of advantages to your HR workflows:

  • Chatbot for Employee Self-Services: Simplify employee interactions by offering a conversational and intuitive self-service platform.
  • Performance Potential Analysis: Leverage the power of AI-driven insights to conduct comprehensive performance potential analyses.

Experience the Revolutionary ChatGPT Recruiting Assistant

One of our flagship features is the ChatGPT Recruiting Assistant, a generative AI marvel revolutionizing the recruitment process:

  • AI-Powered E-Mail Assistance: The OpenAI Icon in your E-Mail interface provides instant support in crafting responses.
  • Intelligent Suggestions: Access a curated list of preset options tailored to each E-Mail, ensuring a quick and efficient reply generation.
  • Seamless Integration: the Hubdrive Azure OpenAI Integration checks the related content from the HR Recruiting System and generates a suggested reply.
  • Easy Review & Send: Simply select the optimal response, make any desired adjustments, and send with confidence.
  • Automated Updates: Hubdrive Recruiting Solution automatically stores updated conversations within the candidates' files.

Save time & increase comfort

The high degree of automation saves you a lot of time and gives you more security in your work processes. HR Copilot is fully integrated as part of your Dynamics 365 HR solution. The users work in their familiar Microsoft environment and multiple data entry is completely avoided. Recruiters for example, can now focus on what they do best: talking to the next candidate that they want to hire.

Next steps

Live Presentation

We will be pleased to offer a live and online presentation of HR Copilot for Dynamics 365. During the presentation, we will address approaches tailored to your requirements and discuss live best practices: Request Live Presentation.

Demo Environment

Experience at your own pace how your daily working life could look in the future. Get access to a preconfigured virtual test environment: Access Demo Environment

Trial Solution

You would like to test HR for Dynamics in your own Microsoft Dynamics 365? You can easily import the solution directly into your platform. It is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, CRM Online as well as on premise deployments: Trial Solution Download.

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