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Guided storytelling using pre-built Templates, Industry Domain Slides, Design Slides and Icons.

Build Professional Presentations Yourself.

  • Guiding you through Presentation preparation Do you want to build a project plan, business plan, pitch deck, proposal or any other presentation? Slides365 guides you to build your storyline. Example, project plan contains project vision, project objective, timeline, budget, team, risks etc. Slides365 helps you pick the right slides and design for each component. Example, weekly timeline, monthly timeline or quarterly timeline for project timeline component.

  • Build Industry Domain related Presentations You may be working on Cloud, IoT, AI, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare related projects. Slides365 gives you creative slides for developing presentations for your projects.

  • Tell your story with creative content and designs You want to be crisp in conveying your timeline, competitive analysis, SWOT etc by leveraging Slides365 design collections.

  • Leverage thousands of icons to beautify your storyline Download icons for leading industry trends ( cloud / AI / IoT etc ) to add color to your presentation.

  • Genie to the rescue - Just in time slides for your story As you build your presentation, search for keywords in Slides365 and get professional quality slides/designs within your PowerPoint.

IT Architecture diagrams for your PowerPoint presentations

  • Architecture diagram slides for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud architectures

Slides365 provides just in time slides/designs (Genie to the rescue) in your PowerPoint, and guides you to build your storyline using pre-built professional quality Templates, Slides and Icons. Slides365 also provides ready to use IT architecture diagrams as PowerPoint slides.

You can buy any of package plans below and download slides -

  • USD 30 for 3 months
    15% Discount, Pay $25.50
    Get Slides for USD 30 valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

  • USD 60 for 6 months
    20% Discount, Pay $48
    Get Slides for USD 60 valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

  • USD 120 for 12 months
    25% Discount, Pay $90
    Get Slides for USD 120 valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

  • You can place request for slides customized to your requirements and themes

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