Showmaster (Helper Plugin)

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Impress with remarkable animations, countdown and music before your presentation.

Take your presentations to the next level with an array of exciting animations, countdown and music themes, framing your upcoming talk. Create exciting intros and outros to bridge the waiting time in a very impressive manner.

When you switch to presentation mode, Showmaster automatically kicks in and plays your configured animation.


  • Countdown: Create a beautiful countdown timer to the defined start time of your presentation. Showmaster automatically bridges the time until your presentation starts or continues.
  • Audience Feedback: Ask your audience to enter any input using their smart phones, such as expectations, pre-knowledge or feedback. You can even display their input live during the show.
  • Animated Headlines: Announce your upcoming content with meaningful headlines to set the scene for your talk.
  • Logo Animations: Select your SVG company logo and Showmaster will incorporate it into the animations in a stunning way.
  • Music: Showmaster comes with a collection of selected music themes that can be used before and after presentations. The exact selection of music is calculated so that the last track ends exactly when your presentation starts.
  • Themes: Showmaster offers a variety of visual themes. The list of themes is constantly growing so you never get bored.

Most features are free to use, including a subtle watermark. You are welcome to test and use Showmaster for free, even in commercial projects. To remove the watermark and unlock all features, we are happy to offer a Showmaster PRO licence.


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