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Schedule meetings in Gather directly from Microsoft Outlook

Ready to make meetings more productive, immersive, and fun for your remote team? Host your team on Gather with a new meeting add-in for Microsoft Office!

In the all-new Gather Meetings add-in, you can:

  • Add a Gather meeting link on your Microsoft Office invitation that automatically takes attendees to a meeting area in your space
  • Automatically select a meeting area in your Gather space with the right capacity for your meeting
  • Generate a one-click link that brings participants directly to the meeting when it starts

In Gather, remote teams work naturally, build relationships, and collaborate side-by-side, even when they're miles apart. Try Gather for free at

Remember: If you're a Space Admin or Builder, open the app's Mapmaker and give your existing meeting areas a name and occupancy limit. You can also edit the area names directly from Gather's Participants Panel. If you don't have any dedicated meeting areas yet, we recommend you build a few for different sizes of meetings, or you can check out new Office Templates that come with some pre-existing options.

Gather is free to use for spaces with up to 10 users. For more information on Gather pricing and feature availability please refer to

By installing this add-in, you agree to the Gather Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Når denne app bruges,
  • Kan sende data via internettet
  • Denne app kan få adgang til og ændre personlige oplysninger i den aktive meddelelse, f.eks. meddelelsestekst, emne, afsender, modtagere og oplysninger om vedhæftede filer. Det vil muligvis sende disse data til en tredjepartstjeneste. Andre elementer i din postkasse kan ikke læses eller ændres.