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A powerful slider to select a discrete range of numeric or date category values

The visual provides a long list of features including horizontal and vertical slider, the input field for data insertion, and extensive tooltip customization. Every component of the visual is fully customizable. Basic Features: - It works best with numeric and date data types - Power slider in horizontal orientation - Data can be filtered in three different ways including Between, LessThanOrEqual, and GreatherThanOrEqual - Slider handles can be dragged or tapped anywhere on the slider to filter data - Change the color of the selected region in the slider bar - Numeric input fields can be displayed or hidden - User can display or hide the Reset button which resets the applied filter - Numeric fields can be aligned in row orientation - Numeric fields can be customized with these properties (background color, font color, font size, font family, width, height, border color, border stroke, and border width) When a license is required? - Power slider in the vertical orientation - Slider handles can have multiple behaviors (Tap, Tap-drag, fixed-drag) which can let user preselect values on the slider - Slider bar size can be increased or decreased - Transparency can be set on the slider bar, numeric inputs, slider handles - Slider bar unselected color can be changed to match the need of the report - Limits can be set for handles, which allows that how close or far from each other both handles can go in the slider bar. - Margins can be set on the slider bar to fit in a large amount of data in tooltips - Tooltip on each handle of the slider - Custom text for each handle's tooltip, this text can be displayed before or after the data value - Customization for tooltip includes (background color, font color, font size, font family) - Properties for slider handle (background color, foreground color) - Numeric input fields vertical orientation - Numeric input fields alignment options (left, center, right) Please visit our website for more details, demos, and prices. We are always available at for your questions and feature requests.

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