Avanade ‘Branded Commerce’ Accelerator Powered by Sitecore Order Cloud & Content Hub

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Fast-track your commerce project and develop a full 360 composable experience.

A foundation that can easily adapt to the ever-changing market and consumer needs. Avanade's exclusive accelerator sets you on the path to a future-proofed commerce strategy. Avanade's exclusive 6-week accelerator sets you on the path to a future-proofed commerce strategy.

A composable digital ecosystem leverages proven, repeatable solutions that can be configured and reconfigured - letting businesses choose the right tools for the job and setting the stage for rapid value realization. It’s all about speed, agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and iteration – all principles businesses need to live by in today’s constantly changing world.

With our Branded Commerce foundation accelerator, we derive the future commerce platform scope, the high-level project plan and the value case including strategy development, content modelling and a branded POC build. With a composable tech architecture, every component is pluggable and scalable and can be continuously improved to meet evolving business needs.

Benefits for you:

Accelerate your commerce experiences by getting started with Branded Commerce. Be a leader in headless commerce with our unique enhanced offering to accelerate and amplify growth for your commerce experiences now and for the future.

See how our accelerator can support business growth:

• Grow customer loyalty by automating customer service for improved convenience
• Boost revenues through personalized customer experiences and cut costs by utilizing data about user intent
• Drive efficiency through customer self-serve and free up resource through automated, streamlined processes
• Launch new features and channels quickly through an online testing environment
• 3rd party data integration for optimized 360° customer view to drive targeting and decision-making
• Composable environment enables to innovate, test and deploy at speed with minimal risk

Benefits for your organization

Successful implementation requires a holistic commerce program to realize results:

Definition of the program and prioritization of needs and capabilities in your ecosystem to deliver best-in-class commerce capabilities along a supported roadmap and value case.

Recognize and plan for the organizational and individual change processes that composable commerce brings and develop mature communication, training and measurements for successful adoption. Sitecore’s digital experience platform is an end-to-end solution for Branded Commerce.

Setup the standards, policies, processes, organizational support and metrics to ensure control and compliance without rigidity. Composability of the stack allows Sitecore to fit in and around any existing technologies.

Commerce excellence
Design a sustainable operation based on best practices and business priorities. Headless e-commerce architecture with a cloud-native infrastructure for development and delivery

Technology implementation
Ensure scalability, interoperability, flexibility of platform to grow to your needs aligned with vendor capabilities. OrderCloud’s integration layer allows limitless customizations and integrations of any content/ data source/ microservice without performance risks.

Define and stand-up ongoing runtime operational support across technical and functional needs. The composable, SaaS-based platform delivers the necessary technology and capabilities for a holistic and relevant digital experience.

Additional Download Available
Branded commerce accelerator guide

Be a leader in commerce to create personalized experiences now and for the future. Download this companion guide to read about the key phases of the Accelerator and how to get started.