The Science of Activating Employee Motivation.

inden Captain Up

Engagement and retention platform, powered by behavioral economics & game mechanics

Captain Up is providing  a complete suite of integrated solutions, spanning the entire customer journey. Helping companies better engage their employees throughout this challenging period. Companies today are quickly adopting and changing the way they are working, using different tools to manage and communicate with their team. 

With all these changes, how do you motivate your team, how do you keep them engaged? It is crucial to optimize the user journey, provide relevant, timely feedback and reward desired activities. The need to interact, feedback, socialize, manage & motivate, is as relevant as ever. 

Using behavioral economics and game mechanics, Captain Up powers teams with relevant goals, feedback and rewards for their activity. Providing a dynamic view of activity and progress, creating a personal user experience, maximizing team engagement and brand loyalty. Offering various journeys, virtual shop, promotions, messages, levels, challenges, and much more. Powering teams with relevant goals, feedback and rewards for their activities. 

  • Track performance in real time: Provide employees with a live view of their personal targets, benchmarks and achievements. 
  • Encourage desired activities and behaviors to drive results. Just like a fitness tracker for work. 
  • Create a community : let your employees learn from their colleagues. 
  • Personalise the training content: Send automatic messages & notifications with call-to-action: guide employees through the day. - Track performance in real time. 
  • Monitor business goals and learn how to achieve them. 
  • Motivate employees with instant feedback and coaching: Add challenges, missions, badges, trophies, levels, leaderboards, activities and much more to improve performance and reward your employees.